Any ideas on where to purchase a used Ak-47 in Massachusetts?


Anyone live in MA, or know or any place within a reasonable distance that might have a used AK for sale? Or know of any websites where you can buy/sell guns ? any help would be appreciated I havent looked around too too much at gun shops and whatnot, but the best Ive found is a Romanian made WASR. fishnbeer- price? condition? I dont know a whole heck of a lot about shipping guns via UPS or mail. but if its under $500 and its in good condition, I might be interested…im adding you as a contact just in case Gentlewolf- Have my F-ID and can get a licensed MA dealer… so that isnt a problem. didnt know it was as easy as ordering it online to a FFL. thanks all!

There are several sites on-line where you can purchase firearms including GunBroker and GunsAmerica, but transfer & delivery can only be done by a FFL Licensed dealer. A really good one will handle the paperwork for a fee & percentage. My favorite dealer will handle anything for me for 10% + S&H. Anything I want, I can order any gun I want straight from the wholesaler through him.