“Free USCCA Membership??”

Here is the latest from Tim over at USCCA. It does not get any better than this.

If I give you $47, would you be willing
to trade me $19 for it?

What if I give you $116, would you
trade me $47?

How about I give you $729, would you
trade me $197 for that?

Believe it or not – that’s exactly what
the math looks like when you join the
USCCA family right now

The bonus values for each of our 3 New
Membership Options are at least TWICE
the value of the cost of membership

It’s true… see for yourself.

Another way to look it is like this:

The value of the bonuses literally make
USCCA Membership completely Free.

More than that – the value of each
bonus is more than double the annual
membership fee, which means we’re
practically paying You to become a
member. 😉

Check out all the great bonuses now
before they’re gone

Stay safe,

Tim Schmidt
U.S. Concealed Carry

P.S. This Friday, January 8th, at midnight
we’ll be pulling the bonuses so make sure
you lock in your membership now.

Get your bonuses here.

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