How do I sell my gun/pistol legally to another person?

I want to sell a pistol I bought years ago. I bought it new and they did the background check etc. If I sell it, then this guy shoots someone, will they trace it back to me even if I have a bill of sale?
In the state of FL

Yes, in most states its PERFECTLY LEGAL to do a private sale.
All thats required is age verification, and that you are selling to someone who appears to be of Reasonable Morals/Judgement… long as they dont appear to be insane or drug/alcohol abuser.

But for private sale, no paperwork required, just cash and carry.
But YES the gun is still registered to YOU, HOWEVER most states DONT require that you report firearms that were Stolen or Sold….UNLESS it is a Class 3 regulated firearm or device(fully automatic weapons,silencer, destructive devices, and pistol stocks, sawed off shotguns, street sweepers,etc…)

Even in some of the most strict gun states, like maryland, new jersey,etc….there is no law stating you must notify police when a firearm is sold or stolen.

Just for scenario lets do this….

-Say the guy you sold your pistol to turns around and kills someone.
Now police are SUPPOSED to delete firearms transaction/registration records after X-amount of months or Years……but they probably dont.

So the police found your gun, or shell casing matching your gun.
You just state that you either sold the gun, or it was stolen, and that there is no law requiring you to report sold or stolen firearms.
There is legally nothing they can do except interrogate you…

Although its DEFINATELY a good idea to report a stolen gun!!!
Because it could lead to more trouble later on if the gun is used in a crime.