Private Party Handgun Sale in Maryland?

What is required for a legal sale of a used handgun from one private party to another private party in Maryland? (age, transfer fees, etc…)

I live in Maryland, so let me give you the scoop.

First. The transfer must be between Maryland residents. That means that both the buyer and the seller must be legal Maryland residents.

Second. The buyer must have a Maryland issued handgun purchaser's card (or whatever they call the thing). In order to obtain one, the buyer would simply have to attend a screening of a video that the Maryland State Police put together many years ago. There is no written test or anything…they just have to be present in the room while the video is playing and they will receive a handgun purchaser's card (it's a fundamental firearms safety video). But, this IS a requirement. (Most gunshops have a TV/video player setup on their stores to show the requried video. I think it lasts about 45 minutes.)

Third. With firearms purchaser card in hand, the transfer must be done through a Maryland FFL dealer OR through the Maryland State Police, at any of the MD State Police barracks. I personally like to use the State Police, as they only charge a $10 transfer fee (payable by check or money order). The Maryland State Police are quite accomodating in this, as they promise to be open 24 hours a day, 356 days a year. BOTH the buyer and the seller must be at the State Police barracks to complete the paperwork and sign the documents. DO NOT walk into the MD State Police barracks with your handgun. Leave it LOCKED in the TRUNK of your car or in a LOCKED container that is behind the seat of your truck. A state trooper will go out to your vehicle with you to retrieve the handgun when it is time to record the serial number on the forms.

After completing the forms and paying the $10 transfer fee, the seller must then KEEP the handgun until he/she receives notice in the mail from the Maryland State Police that says that the transfer is "Not Dissaproved" (a politically correct way of saying, approved, but the State Police don't want to say they approve of anyone buying a handgun, so they say it is "Not Dissapproved"). After the seller receives such notification in the mail, they then have to meet with the buyer again and give the handgun over. At the point in time, the seller must also get the signature of the buyer on an additional form and mail one back to the MD State Police to show that the transfer has occured within 30 days of being not dissapproved.

That's it in a nutshell.