What would resale value be if I sold my used gun to a dealer?


I have a used Sig Saur P 235 semi automatic 40 caliber handgun. I need to sell this. I want to know what price I should be asking for when I try to re-sell to a dealer so I don’t get swindled. I don’t look like someone who would know much about gun sales, and to be honest I don’t.

My ex boyfriend convinced me to buy this gun and I’m sick of having it and want it off my hands, so need to sell it! It is barely used since I bought it – maybe less than a dozen times at the range. it was well taken care of prior to my owning it by a retired policeman.

Selling any gun to any dealer or pawn broker will get you a price well below the actual worth of the firearm, but it is a quick way to get rid of the gun. If money is a big issue, you could post an ad on Craigslist.com. I would specify selling terms such as: buyer must be a US Citizen, have valid Drivers License, be 18 or older, etc. Check your local laws too, the local Sheriff’s Dept can tell you where to find those. Don’t forget to add a picture. Personally, I wouldn’t sell it. Put it in a lockbox and forget about it – never know, you just might need or want it someday.