Where’s the best place to get bargains on used guns?

Garage sales? Estate sales? Pawn shops?

Used guns for sale are usually hard to come by at garage sales. Estate Auctions are not usually all that great either. The guns along with everything else is advertised earlier. Many people show up to bid on them and when things get going fast, people get the auction bug and they don’t know when to stop bidding. I have seen many old used guns sell for more than you could buy them new.

Estate garage sales are ok. Those selling the guns often will not have a good idea on the value of the guns when they price them. I also like gun shows. The ones that are set up for the week end. If you go on Sunday, look at the private collectors with the tables off to the side maybe even in a corner. They don’t get the business like the premium tables and often are ready to wheel and deal by Sunday.

Increasingly popular and convenient is buying new and used guns on-line.

Impact Guns has a large variety as well as awesome prices on their guns.

Use this website to find bargains on used guns. Start by searching in the forum in this thread: Used Guns For Sale. If what you want is not available there, list your needs here: I am Looking to Buy. The more people get involved on this site’s forum community the better the deals will be.

If you have bargains on your new or used guns for sale you may list them in the forum too. And it is FREE. FFL Dealers can ask to be added to our mailing list and then we will be putting then in contact with interested buyers.

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GunBroker.com also has a great reputation and they often have incredible deals. Be sure to create an account once you get to their site.