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AR15 Rifle

A First Hand Look at the Smith and Wesson M&P15 Sport AR-15

The AR15 rifle is produced in many different versions, including numerous semi-automatic and other selective fire variants by many manufacturers. Although many of the variations and changes are so subtle that you may not notice them right away, the impact of the changes as the firearm evolves provides for a better overall and practical use of this firearm. This practicality,…

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AR-15/M16 32-round 9mm Magazine Available Now at Brownells

Did you know that Brownells is now manufacturing a┬áColt style AR-15/M16 32-round 9mm magazine? Brownells rugged, high-capacity AR-15/M16 32-round 9mm magazine is designed for 9mm AR-15 conversions like Colt and Rock River Arms that use a Colt or modified UZI magazine. These reliable magazines are held to the same stringent quality standards as Brownells standard issue 30 round magazines that…

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One Man, One Safe and Mother Nature’s Fury

It is not too often you have the need for your safe to withstand the power of an F4 tornado but when and if you do, it is great to know that Liberty Safes can take it and still protect the contents within it. Catastrophic events might be a rare occurrence for any one individual but the folks at Liberty…

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Firearm Security is Your Responsibility

Today’s article is a video and promotion for Project ChildSafe. This information is for anyone that owns a firearm. It is a reminder that when you own a firearm, you need to always respect it. Perhaps most importantly you need to always know where that firearm is and keep it secure to keep others safe, especially children. As a firearm…

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